Lemon + Ginger + Turmeric Juice

Feeling so much better now that I have gotten back to my juicing! This drink will put hair on your chest! You can almost feel it working going down. It is a bright drink that is like a burst of sunshine.

Dealing with Lyme Disease, I have lot of issues maintaining a healthy gut. Drinking your juices first thing in the morning, before you put food on your system, allows you to absorb the full nutrients of the elixir. Ginger has properties to help with better digestion, nausea, heart disease, and building immunity, to name a few. Turmeric is great for pain management, blood clotting, inflammation, arthritis and gastrointestinal issues. Lemon is a great detox for your body and skin; helps with indigestion, respiratory disorders, high blood pressure, constipation and more.


Lemon + Ginger + Turmeric Juice
16 oz alkaline water
½ – 1 inch ginger
Juice of one large organic lemon
1 teaspoon turmeric
1 apple
2 teaspoons stevia (or substitute honey)

Clean produce, chop, and remove seeds from lemon and apple. Place ingredients in high powered blender and process on high speed until combined. Strain through a fine-sieve mesh and drink immediately.



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